David and Freya Hohnen have joined with Rupert Clevely in a wine brokering business trading as Crackerjack. Crackerjack will source wines in the South West of Western Australia and Bordeaux to offer to customers in Britain and Ireland.
Crackerjack will offer wines on a business-to-business basis with the producer in each region. The offer will be ‘buyers own’ brand or alternatively, a proprietary label from Crackerjack.
David will take the leading role at Crackerjack. He has visited Britain annually for the past thirty years promoting and supporting wines of previous associations. He will work with past contacts and new ones, to bring the wines produced for Crackerjack to a wide audience.
Freya is the winemaker. She will work with the producers’ winemakers to craft contemporary wines that will appeal to wine aware consumers of everyday wines from recognised regions.
Rupert, being UK based, will handle the commercial side of the partnership. He has extensive experience in wine sales and marketing and many contacts in the British wine trade.
Crackerjack offers a complete service beyond the initial sale. David will provide staff training and familiarisation to achieve momentum and success for the wines. Both Rupert and David will communicate with the wine press.